Barba is brought to you with a bunch of useful utilities.

  • barba.version → Retrieve the current @barba/core version
  • barba.destroy()Destroy the Barba instance and properly remove EventListener on eligible links
  • barba.go(href: string, trigger?: Trigger, e?: LinkEvent | PopStateEvent) → Tell Barba to go to a specific URL and play your transitions, if available, without using a browser “force reload”
  • barba.force(href: string) → Force Barba to redirect to a specific URL without playing your transitions, equivalent to location.href change
  • barba.prefetch(href: string) → Prefetch the given URL
  • barba.url.parse(url: string) → Parse the given URL and retrieve a IUrlBase
  • barba.history.previous → Get the previous history IStateItem object, with URL, namespace and scroll x/y positions
  • barba.history.add(url: string, trigger: Trigger) → Add a new state in the browser history, allowing you to add “sub-URL” in the same page

This is a draft section of @barba/core utilities that shows the most important you could use in your project, check the Developer API for more informations.